More than 100,000 of you owe a student loan repayment that's how to find out and claim to yourself

There's only one number that matters to your mouth, and it's a big juicy part that tells you how much money you pay, right? Well, there's actually another important number in there that could mean you must have hundreds of pounds

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The best thing is that it's a lot easier than you can expect. There are no long forms that could be filled out, and you could literally deserve hundreds of pounds in a few minutes. Here is your step-by-step guide to how this is done

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When do you start paying student loans?

At present, graduates do not begin to pay their student loans until then

However, it is important to remember that you will start student loans only in April after your graduation

Remember that tuition fees and repayment terms vary across the UK, so don't forget to check our student funding manuals

For those who work on an individual basis, HMRC will work on how much you should pay

No matter how much you make

Why were student loans too early?

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Your student loans will be deducted from your salary automatically (unless you are alone) as soon as you have the right to do so. While it sounds great on the surface, it means that you don't even need to think about your overpayments, it also means that people tend not to notice when something is wrong

There are a number of reasons why payments were made too soon

For example, when you start a new job, you will often have to fill out a form that will indicate whether you will repay student loans; if you or your employer make a mistake when you submit it, you may be incorrectly classified as subject to overpayment when you do not

There is also much more chance that you start earning above your salary threshold

Don't forget, even if you think you're the one who made the mistake, you can still get that refund, so don't be afraid to ask

This may sometimes be an accidental administrator error. For Joe Weasbury, it was a date from the list:

I called Student Loans this morning, and they told me they had two dates for me, so I started paying earlier! I had to call Juni (who had no idea where they came from earlier), who then had to contact Student Loans to confirm that I had finished in 2016 and not in 2015. The student loan company advised that once they have confirmed my graduation date from Uni, they will reimburse my £ 820 for 30 days!

How many people owe student loans?

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Huge numbers, so make sure you're one of them! In total, the number to be returned to student loans will add up to 100,000 and some

This shows that 101,100 of you have the right to return the money, but you haven't said it, so if you haven't been tracking these spiders and checking

How much can you owe?

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We're not talking about small amounts, either. The average amount of compensation paid to claimants who overpaid in the 2014/15 financial period was simply over

After we shared the story at the beginning of this year, Save the Student reader Olivia Gledehill could be

How to check whether you started paying the student loan too early

All you have to do to find out if you've started making repayments is too early to get hold

Don't worry about how much money has been taken too soon-the SLC will do a hard job for you. As long as you have confirmation from your father that at least some money was taken before April after your graduation, you can go

Should I return the student loan?

The student loan does not affect the total amount of debt. If you're going out of uni with a £ 32,000 debt, this compensation (unfortunately) will not change that

So why worry about reparations?

You have to remember that there's a very high chance

Research has shown that more than 75% of students will never even pay full student loans, especially with all added interest. In fact, if you're curious, you can use ours

If you make repayments too soon, I would definitely recommend that you return the money if you have the right, since you probably never have to pay

How to claim repayment of student loans

This is what makes people the most-the actual demand for money back. But trust us, it's a lot more straightforward than you probably think

It's best to have a few bits of paper work to make the process as fast as possible, so try and help

If you can't keep track of all this, although don't worry, MSE says that many people have been successful just calling and asking, even without paperwork

How to contact Student Loans Company

All you have to do is call the Student Organization

Also, no matter how long you ended, it could have been two years ago or ten years ago, all the claims are still valid

Overpayment of student loan and other reasons for which you can get compensation

The fact that your student loans overpaid you too early is just one example of a case where you can get a refund. There were also reports of people claiming for refinancing in a number of other cases:

The important thing to remember is to stay low. In most cases, your student loan payments will be taken from your salary automatically without the need to do any work-it means that mistakes often go unnoticed

So always take time to check your spiders, and keep going with any change in the right to return, so that you can only ever pay for what you have to